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~ Individual Services ~

Manicures ~ Pedicures ~ Acrylic Nails ~

If you are looking for salon services that will come to your home-We do that.

If you are wanting it for just one person, we do that- too.

If you are looking to gift a special person an "in-home spa experience"

We can do that too! We will travel to them- where they will be. :D. 

Some of our clients have standing regular appointments that we visit routinely, once or twice monthly and have been our clients for YEARS!

We go to group homes, hospitals, businesses (all the time) & any where you need us. WE'll be there!

Services offered: Manicures, Pedicures, most any nail service including:

 full-set acrylic, dip, rebase, gel polish, nail art, waxing, etc.

Please call us for availability and let us answer any questions.

We do have a minimum service- call us for details.

We travel any where you need us! Travel fees apply.

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